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Yahoo Search

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برنامه ي جستجو ياهو برنامه اي بسيار كارامد براي افرادي كه زياد با اين موتور هاي جستجو سر و كار دارند. با اين برنامه اين موتور جستجوي قوي در قالب يك برنامه به ديوايس شما مي آيد و روي آن نصب مي شود و مي توانيد از قابليت هاي برتر آن استفاده كنيد.


Yahoo Search - Web, local and personal search

Find exactly what you’re looking for, wherever it may be.

The improved Yahoo Search brings you a beautifully simple search experience that puts the answers you’re looking for front and center, so you can take action right away.

Sign in with your Yahoo account to see personal search results - from package arrival details and your upcoming travel reservations, to the name of the local restaurant where you got dinner with your coworker.

Yahoo Search now searches across...

  • Your Yahoo email
  • Your phone’s calendar events
  • Your phone’s contacts AND the web.

But thats not all! Yahoo Search now will...

  • Make recommendations for restaurants based on not only your current location but also the time of day and day of the week.
  • Give recommendations for any local category based on where you are. Looking for the nearest grocery store or gas station? We’ve got you covered.
  • Recommend deals and coupons near you directly from the home screen.

Just like before, you’ll still be able to clear your search history and set Safe Search preferences in Settings.

Please note, or non-English users, you will see a slightly different experience based on your language.