SearchMan for google+offline

SearchMan for google+offline

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یک اپلیکیشن خوب و کاربردی برای دریافت و اضافه کردن اطلاعات در باره مکان‌های عمومی که کاربران در گوگل پلاس مشخص کرده‌اند .


• Easy search screen all in one place. • All details informations for places. • Store search results for when you are not connected to the Internet. • Instant helps for typing. • Address finder with intelligence help when typing. • It works every where in the world, no language change is required. • Search for words inside categories for google. • Automatically detects Internet availability when you are in the search screen. • Add places to favourites. • Share places by e-mail or text message.

• The only app with intelligent suggestions. √ For finding frequent places like chain stores, addresses for each segment of address and of course recently used searches. √ You will get suggestion for each segment of address separated by comma.

Find places in map with high relevance and accuracy along with all shortcut functions needed for a mobile app.

Search for words within many categories. Like : select food category then search for Mexican or Chinese, or select cafe category then search for wifi so you can see cafes with wifi.

• Concentrated user interface. √ Everything in one screen, there is no sliding in or out. You never lose sight of the map configurations as you inspecting search result elements,

Development: Roham Akbari