Runtastic Six Pack Abs Workout

Runtastic Six Pack Abs Workout

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در صورتی که برای زیبایی اندام خود وقت و هزینه کافی ندارید، با نصب این نرم‌افزار بر روی آیفون خود یک مربی 24 ساعت در خدمت شماست ! کافیست نرم افزار Runtastic Six Pack Abs Workout را بر روی گوشی خود نصب نمایید تا طبق تمرین های روزانه‌ای که این نرم‌افزار همانند یک مربی به شما پیشنهاد می‌دهد به طور جدی انجام داده و جدی بگیرید تا بتوانید زیبایی اندام خود را خیلی سریع ببینید.

آواتار مرد و زن برای ارائه تمرین‌های متنوع و قدم به قدم
بیش از 50 ویدئو HD|1080P آموزشی
تنظیم سختی، سه مرحله برای آموزش علمی
برنامه 10 هفته‌ای برای شش تکه کردن شکم!
تمرین‌های از پیش تعریف شده
تمرینات من، ساخت تمرینات شخصی مناسب نواحی موردنظر، کاهش وزن و برنامه ریزی روزانه
جداسازی تمرینات بر اساس سطح آمادگی شخصی شما
بیش از 60 پیغام “نکته روز”
بدون نیاز به محیط ورزشی، استفاده از برنامه در همه جا و همه وقت
بهبود آمادگی کلی، قدرت ماهیچه‌ها، پایداری و مدیریت وزن
رهگیری فصول تمرین و نمایش پیشرفت کلی در نمودارهای دقیق


Get your abs out of hiding with the Runtastic Six Pack app! Each core-focused workout can be done at home with no additional equipment – just you and your app! Lifelike avatars, Daniel & Angie, guide you through transformative abs workouts (that will set your abs on fire!). Plus, 50+ HD tutorial ab exercise videos help you maximize your core strength and overall fitness. Get the Runtastic Six Pack app today & get your abs and core defined like never before!


  • Male and female avatars take you through a variety of core exercises step-by-step
  • 50+ HD instructional ab workout videos
  • Adjustable difficulty, three levels of a scientifically developed training plan
  • 10 week Six Pack Plan
  • Pre-defined workouts, including: The 7-Minute Workout, Insanity, Shape Up, Six Pack Junkie and more
  • My Workouts: Create custom workouts by choosing your favorite exercises tailored to your core, weight loss goals & daily schedule
  • Works with iPhones, iPads, Apple TV & Apple Watch
  • Voice Coach for easy-to-follow instructions: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese
  • Filter exercises for your personal fitness level
  • 50+ unique "Tip of the Day" messages
  • Runtastic Six Pack Workout Music Packs available to keep you motivated
  • Music intensity matches workout intensity, setting the best mood & pace for your circuit
  • Absolutely no gym equipment required – use this situps app anytime, anywhere
  • Heart Rate integration: Use your Heart Rate Monitor to track your HR during workouts
  • Improve overall fitness, muscle strength & toning, stability and weight mgmt.
  • Body Fat Visualization: Visualize your ideal body fat range for the perfect six pack
  • Track sixpack training sessions and overall progress using detailed graphs
  • Integrate your Runtastic sessions with your MyFitnessPal account
  • Share fitness accomplishments & tips on Facebook and Twitter
  • Upload your activities to

    *** Some app features only available in Full Version


  • Classic sit-ups
  • Cross-body crunch
  • Oblique crunch
  • Planks
  • Mountain climbers
  • Hip drops
  • Leg raises
  • Core twist
  • Side bridge
  • Plus, many more core and ab exercises to strengthen and define your abdominal muscles.

Whether you’re a nutrition & fitness junkie, a busy stay-at-home mom or a business traveler who is always on the go – the Runtastic 6 Pack app is perfect for you and the best ab challenge out there! Each abs exercise will help you lose weight, ditch the belly & get the flat tummy you’ve always wanted. Follow our instructional ab workout videos & easy-to-use plans - anytime, anywhere.

Remember: Don’t keep your hard work & insane 6 pack accomplishments to yourself! Share your completed sessions, “My Workouts” custom results and “Tip of the Day” favorites online via Facebook and Twitter.

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