Tayasui Sketches: Draw and paint like on paper!

Tayasui Sketches: Draw and paint like on paper!

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اگر ابزار مناسب را برای طراحی در اختیار داشته باشیم، می‌توانیم بهترین آثار را با استفاده از خلاقیتمان به‌جا بگذاریم.
Tayasui Sketches Pro یکی دیگر از برنامه‌هایی‌ست که برای طراحی و نقاشی در ios ارائه شده‌است. این‌بار با ظاهری بسیار ساده‌تر و زیبا‌تر.

می‌توانیم تصاویر خود را نیز از گالری به برنامه بدهیم و روی آنها نقاشی کنیم.
این برنامه‌ همه‌ی آنچه که برای طراحی لازم است را برای ما فراهم می‌کند.
این برنامه‌ی ۵ دلاری اپ‌استور، با حساب کاربری ویژه‌ی سیب‌اپ رایگان است.


Because beautiful tools make beautiful drawings, we endlessly refined Sketches brushes to create the most realistic drawing tools.

Sketches is the most realistic, versatile and user-friendly sketching app designed for a mobile device. This exhaustive artist's toolbox helps users create dazzling sketches, cheerful paintings and smashing illustrations on the go.

• Features

  • Import photos
  • Over 20 ultra realistic tools
  • Incredibly realistics watercolor wet brushes
  • Brushes Editor
  • Color Eyedropper
  • Pro Export and sharing

• Layers

  • Use layers to simplify your task
  • Export them as separate PNG with transparency

• Folders (iPad only) Easily organize your drawings in beautiful and easy to personalize folders or books.

• Pressure Stylus support Discover even more realistic brushes while Styluses. We support Apple, Wacom and Adonit Styluses.

A Unique feeling : Each stroke behaves vividly and truly like brush on paper, adapting the pressure, angle, and width to your movements. It's an effect you have to see to believe.

• A unique UI with a touch of Zen : Tools are hidden away as you create and the bare minimum buttons are shown to make for a very clean canvas..

• Community : Share your drawings with the Sketches Community where you can find inspirations and vote for other people drawings.

I• List of tools

  • Pen
  • Rotring
  • Felt Pen
  • Pen Brush
  • Oil Pastel
  • Watercolor Dry and Wet brushes
  • Acrylic brush
  • Airbrush
  • Area and Filling tool
  • Patterns
  • Text (iPad only)
  • Shapes (iPad only)
  • Eraser
  • Cutter
  • Smudge tool
  • Ruler