Spanish Offline Photo Translator with Voice

Spanish Offline Photo Translator with Voice

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برنامه های شرکت skycode در زمینه ی دیکشنری ها همگی عالی هستند و به صورت آفلاین کار می کنند ، نیازی به اینترنت نداشته و یکی دیگر از قابلیت های این برنامه ها این است که توانایی استخراج متن را از تصویر دارند و می توانند آن ها را نیز ترجمه کنند. بهتر است سری به برنامه ی دیگر از این شرکت بزنید که 7 زبان را پشتیبانی می کند و پیش تر در سیب اپ قرار داده ایم.


OFFLINE translator and dictionary -- the ultimate foreign language tool when you are abroad! Translates without Internet/3g/wi-fi between Spanish and English. Save on data roaming charges when you travel!

Our unique translation technology often delivers translations that excel both Google Translate and Microsoft Translator while using much less storage space. It also allows more language pairs than other paid apps having offline translation such as iTranslate.

For other languages see our app 7-in-1 Offline Picture Translator with Voice;


  • translates from and to Spanish and English;
  • fully functional translation without any internet connection;


  • voice output for both Spanish and English;
  • allows reading individual words by tapping the desired word in the translation;


  • take a picture of printed text and translate it in seconds offline! 
  • available for both English and Spanish; 
  • use this feature to easily convert photos of printed text into editable text in offline mode; 


  • dictionary between Spanish and English;
  • recognizes any word form and identifies its features (number, person, gender, etc.)
  • displays all the translations for a given word;
  • displayed for single words and collocations;
  • allows reading individual words by tapping the desired word in the translation;

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If you encounter problems with the app, please contact our customer support!