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یک کیبورد فوق‌العاده دارای امکانات عالی این کیبورد یکی از بهترین کیبوردها برای تایپ و دسترسی سریع به موارد خاص تایپی است . این کیبورد مانند آنچه در اسکرین‌شات‌ها میبینید ، در حین تایپ مواردی را به شما پیشنهاد میدهد که واقعاً کاربردی و لازم هستند . برای مثال تنها کافیست نام دسته بندی اموجی مورد نظر خود را بنویسید تا اموجی‌های آن دسته را برای شما بیاورد و دیگر لازم نیست برای تایپ اموجی کیبورد خود را عوض کنید ! (مانند میانبری که برای ارسال استیکرها در تلگرام استفاده می‌کنید . ) این کیبورد قادر است میانبرهای زیر را در حین تایپ به شما پیشنهاد کند : • Contacts • Emoji (with search!) • Foursquare • Giphy • Google • Maps • New York Times • Photos • Pin • Recent • Soundcloud • Spotify • Twitter • Youtube • Custom Slashes و موارد کاربردی دیگر .


Slash is a free, super-charged keyboard that makes it easy to share anything!

Recently featured by Apple in "Best New Apps"

“Slash is the best iPhone keyboard you can download today — and it will completely change how you message your friends” - Business Insider

“If you ever need might throw a query to Siri or Cortana. But they have nothing on Slash Keyboard” - The Next Web

/FEATURES • Contacts • Emoji (with search!) • Foursquare • Giphy • Google • Maps • New York Times • Photos • Pin • Recent • Soundcloud • Spotify • Twitter • Youtube • Custom Slashes …and plenty more!

/MISSION Messages are about more than just words, so we think your keyboard should be about more than just letters. Slash gives you quick access to the things you share every day like photos, places, music, GIFs, stickers, emoji and more. Just tap “/” to unlock the magic! Our goal is to boost your productivity and make your conversations more fun. Slash works in your favorite messaging apps and social networks, including Messages, Email, WhatsApp, Twitter, Messenger, and Instagram.

/PRIVACY We take your privacy very seriously. Slash is required to ask for Full Access to connect to all of our services. However, we do NOT record anything you type. We do NOT transmit any sensitive information over a network. We do NOT sell your data or profile you in any way.

What we collect: • Crash logs to see if there are bugs in our code • Analytics to see engagement and retention levels, so we can improve our product. This data is anonymous and includes metrics like how many times in aggregate our keyboard is used each day

What we do NOT collect: • Keystrokes. Your messages are private, and we promise to keep it that way. All of our autocorrect processing is done locally on your device, so we do not access or store what you type. The only thing we access (but do not store) are your search queries, which we need to bring you results for gifs, videos, songs, venues, and more. • Personal or sensitive information. All search, crash, and analytics data are anonymous. We don’t know who you are and we like it that way. • Location, contacts, or photos. We ask you for permission to access these services so that you can share them in your conversations, but we do not store or transmit any of this data.

Blog post on privacy: Privacy Policy:

If you have any questions about full access or privacy, please email us at We respond quickly!

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