Swifty: Learn to code tutorials for Swift

Swifty: Learn to code tutorials for Swift

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با استفاده از این برنامه ی بسیار کاربردی می توانید با زبان جدید برنامه نویسی اپل یعنی سوییفت بیشتر آشنا شوید و کلیه ی کد های اولیه ی آنرا بیاموزید. این نرم افزار برنامه نویسی سوییفت و کار با xcode را به شما خواهد آموخت.


Learn how to code in Swift - on your iPhone or iPad, whenever and wherever you have a minute. With hundreds of bite-size lessons, projects, and challenges, getting started with app development has never been so convenient and fun.

Start with the very basics and make your way to intermediate and advanced-level concepts like classes, optionals, and tuples.

◆ What’s in the box:

01) Swift Basics 02) Variables 03) Boolean Logic 04) Conditionals 05) Arrays 06) Dictionaries 07) Strings 08) Loops 09) Functions 10) Classes 11) Structures 12) Optionals 13) Enumerations 14) Closures

Achievements, daily goals and streaks

Continuous extensions and updates to the course

◆ How it works:

Sign up and get acquainted with Swift. If you want to go beyond the free-to-complete chapters, you can get unlimited access and a range of additional courses through the Mimo app.

No break, train ride, or idle moment is too short for a little practice. Get Swifty today and start your journey of becoming fluent in code!

◆ What others say:

"This format makes it ideal for learning on the go and in short sprints." - Lifehacker

"Swifty is a good way to try out the programming aspects of iOS development without having to dive too deep or spend a ton of money." - GeekWire


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