Timeglass Countdown Timer & Interval Timers

Timeglass Countdown Timer & Interval Timers

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یک اپلیکیشن فوق‌العاده برای تنظیم و مدیریت زمان برای کارهای روتین روزانه با این اپلیکیشن می‌توانید برای کارهای خود زمان یادآوری یا deadline و یا زمان شمارش معکوس (countdown) تعریف کنید و در بازه‌های مشخص کارهای خود را با راندمان بالاتری انجام دهید .


Timeglass has everything you need to time exercise, cooking, and your daily routines. Timeglass gives you:

● Many timers, side by side - Create reusable timers and run them side by side. Maybe you want to do a workout while timing a roast in the oven. No problem! Timeglass has you covered.

● Multi-stepped timers - Timers can have multiple steps, where each step has its own duration. This is great for workout routines and cooking.

● Spoken timers - Want to know what's up next without looking at your phone? Timeglass will talk you through your stepped timers so you can stay focused on whatever you're doing.

● Timer widget - Start and view your timers from any widget screen, or from 3D Touching the app icon on iOS 10. You can even use this to see your timers while your phone is locked.

● Pre-built timers - A library of forty timers to choose from, covering fitness, home & lifestyle, productivity, relaxation, and cooking.

● Lots more awesome stuff - Like stopwatches, repeating alerts, beautiful tones & icons for your timers, plus five themes to choose from.

A few users are experiencing problems with notifications in iOS 10. We're sorry about this, and hope Apple's next update resolves this. Until then, installing Timeglass may help - Unfortunately this one is out of our hands.