Tropical Rewards App

Tropical Rewards App

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At Tropical Smoothie Cafe, we believe in serving bold, flavorful food and smoothies by inspiring a healthier lifestyle. Our delicious menu, all made to order from the freshest ingredients! The Tropical Rewards App makes this lifestyle easier and more convenient than ever.

*At participating locations.


  • Earn $5 for every $55 spent when you scan your QR code on every purchase
  • Order ahead and Skip the Line® - at participating locations
  • Find the closest Cafe
  • Achieve Higher Status Levels- Earn More Rewards!
  • Boosted Status Level: Earn $5 for every $55 spent
  • Energized Status Level: + Free Menu Item on Birthday (up to $10 value)
  • Supercharged Status Level: + Free Supplement per Week and Exclusive Offers