Ultra Memo (Paid)

Ultra Memo (Paid)

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باز هم یکی برنامه ی ساده ی دیگر اما کاربردی مخصوصا برای کسانی که در جلسات یا کنفرانس ها شرکت می کنند و می خواهند صدا را ضبط کنند و متنی در رابطه با آن صدای ضبط شده بنویسند. برنامه بسیار ایمن است و در ابتدای کار باید به آن رمز عبور بدهید تا هربار با رمز عبور شما باز شود.


Built-in recording and text memo function easy to use.                                                                                 With high-quality recording and count date display.                                                                                  Features:

  1. Password security program.
  2. Provide 30 records, including recording voice and memo.
  3. Calendar [Week] is displayed.
  4. Memo font size adjustment.
  5. Mark the day countdown.
  6. Memorandum Differentiation level color prompt (red / green / blue).
  7. Support vertical and horizontal mode.
  8. Read-only (guest browsing mode).                                                                                  Voice recording function: (1) To start the next recording automatically overwrite the old records. (2) Unlimited voice recording length. (3) High compression speech. (1 hour: 8 MB) (4) Recording automatic repeat playback switch.

Quickstart: (1) The first column of the memorandum text definition: [title page]. (2) Click the button in the upper left corner (return to the home page menu). (3) Voice toolbar function: left to right in order [recording], [stop recording], [repeat playback recording switch], [play Recording], [Pause] button. (4) Click the upper left corner of the inside of the button: to share the contents of the memorandum. (5) Click the upper right / lower inner / outer button: Clear / save the memo. (6) Click the bottom left button: Show or hide the calendar and adjust the size of the memorandum font. (7) Click on the lower right corner of the button: set the level of color difference notes tips.

If you have any question or problems please contact hanchanglin@gmail.com. We are committed to fixing bugs as soon as possible.

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