Crazy motion: Share funny dance videos

Crazy motion: Share funny dance videos

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حوصله‌ی همه‌مان گاهی سر می‌رود. گاهی حوصله‌ی هیچ‌کاری را نداریم. دلمان نمی‌خواهد کتاب بخوانیم یا حتی فیلم ببینیم. Crazy motion درست برای همین وقت‌ها ساخته شده‌است. دوست‌ دارید کمی بخندید؟ این برنامه، پر از صحنه‌های رقص بامزه است. می توانیم چهره‌ی رقصنده‌ها را تغییر دهیم، حتی چهره‌ی خودمان را روی بدنشان بگذاریم و از نتیجه حسابی لذت ببریم و بخندیم.

با دریافت این برنامه، فکری برای وقت‌های بی‌حوصلگیتان کنید.


Easily create wild photo and video scenarios with the brand new, Crazy Motion App! This hilarious little entertainment gem has taken the App Store by storm, and currently boasts a flawless 5 Star Rating with its latest version!

The Crazy Motion App gives you seamless creative control, and allows you to insert original photos into a wide array of hilarious dance videos. The app is absolutely free, and is quickly becoming a classic for users around the world. Surprise your friends or prank your parents by cranking out insanely quirky videos with just a few simple clicks.

This is the perfect app for lighthearted fun and is going to keep your sides splitting with laughter as you throw your best friends head on a belly dancer’s body. With Crazy Motion, the possibilities are endless.


1.) Choose any video with a single click!
2.) Take an original picture or select one from your photo-library. 3.) Adjust images, angles, and dance moves to craft the perfect Crazy Motion creation of your choice! 4.) Presto! You’re done!


  • Choose from over a dozen video templates!
  • Transform friends into Ballerinas, Belly Dancers, Disco Kings, and more!
  • Upload to Facebook or YouTube to share your video across the globe.
  • Designed for both the iPhone and iPad
  • Absolutely Free!


  • Requires iOS 5.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.