MX Video Player- Play HD videos with Youtube streaming

MX Video Player- Play HD videos with Youtube streaming

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MX video player يكي از بهترين راه‌های لذت بردن از فيلم‌ها و ويدئو كليپ‌ها روی دستگاه‌های اپلیمان است.
این برنامه‌ که یکی از بهترین‌های اپ‌استور به حساب می‌آید به ما کمک می‌کند که بیشتر فرمت‌های ویدئویی را روی دستگاهمان اجرا کنیم.


"mx video player" is a one of the best Video Player, elegant with iPhone and iPad. With this video player you can play and watch videos from your iPhone and iPad."mx video player" has features that facilitate users can see videos and cut the most interesting /favourite videos parts from video files and save these small videos into gallery ." mx video player" is giving privilege to capture the favourite screen user wants to capture & save it into gallery. mx video player support most of the trending formats now a days into market.


User can play videos & audio files with "mx video player".

Support multiple formats of video files.

Supports video play saved into into your Google Drive account using network connection

Support video play saved into your DropBox Account using network connection

Supports HD playback

Smooth rewind ,volume control, brightness options available for users ease

Smooth brightness and volume control.

Swiping across screen to change the brightness.

Swiping across screen to change the volume.

Fullscreen and Smooth playback.

Change playback speed

Optimised for retina display.

Shuffle and repeat option available for users

Video cutter available to see favourite videos & save those are most favourite parts from videos into gallery.

Smooth options for forward and rewind option available.

Screen capture and save it into phone gallery.

Lock the screen for smooth watch.