Wallpapers HD : InstaQuote Background Maker

Wallpapers HD : InstaQuote Background Maker

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به دنبال والپیپر های جذاب و غیر تکراری مناسب با سایز صفحه نمایش خود هستید ؟؟ این برنامه آنلاین با آپدیت خودکار والپیپر های جذاب را با موضوع های متنوع به طور رایگان در اختیار شما قرار میدهد


Wallpaper Maker HD - What Will Yours Say? Create personalised home and lock screen background / wallpaper (or Contacts graphic), without the need for any graphics editing.

• Also works on non-iPhone 6 devices :)

• Place your own text on top of the backdrop (your name, your number, a contacts name if using for a contact graphic, or indeed anything else you can think of!)

• 200 built in wallpapers and hundreds more dynamically updated in the Categories pull-down (or use your own photos and images from your Photo Library)

• 40+ fonts, 20 font colours, and 18 font effects, there are literally hundreds of thousands of combinations you could create.

• Also available within the App are 11 Photo Effect filters (sepia, lens flare, etc).

Preview the result, and if you're satisfied, save it to your Photo Library and then set it as your wallpaper (or alternatively use it as a Contact graphic so you see it when that contact calls you). You can also share your image via email, Facebook & Twitter.

Wallpaper Maker HD requires an active internet connection, either EDGE/Wireless/3G for iPhone, or Wireless for iPod touch. Internet connectivity is required as the custom images are generated server-side, and the amount of high-res images available to choose from would not be possible in a standalone App.