Weathercube - Gestural Weather

Weathercube - Gestural Weather

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Welcome to the wonderful world of Weathercube

Apple's App of the Week. Listed in Apple's 'App Store Best of 2012'.

  • The New York Times: "A Weather Report That’s Colorful, With a Chance of Fun."
  • "Weathercube turns the forecast into a sleek, touchable experience."
  • "Weathercube is one stunning yet amazingly functional weather app."
  • "We simply cannot resist featuring the work of some talented designers and developers and giving them the exposure they deserve!"

Weathercube is the gestural weather app for iPhone. No buttons; just swipe, pinch and tap your way through the weather. We did all the work, so you have all the fun. It's clean, simple, hot and fresh at the same time!

Weathercube: it's the weather - in a cube - awesome!


  • Completely interactive Weathercube likes to be touched, so swipe, pinch and tap that thing without getting arrested!

  • Unique hourly, daily and weekly view Wear flip-flops or snowboots? The detailed hourly view shows the weather from hour to hour.

  • Serving over 1.7 million cities Database contains just about every city on the globe for your personal weather: whenever, wherever.

  • Colorful themes Personalize Weathercube to your preference with special colored themes.

  • Available in multiple languages Your local weather in your local language is our goal.