Weather Line - Temperature Trend, Accurate Forecast, and Monthly Averages powered by

Weather Line - Temperature Trend, Accurate Forecast, and Monthly Averages powered by

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یک برنامه‌ی هواشناسی فوق‌العاده با امکان نمایش درجه حرارت ، درصد رطوبت ، وسعت ابرها ، سرعت وزش باد ، میزان شبنم و میزان بارندگی که می‌تواند نمودار خطی برای آن‌ها رسم کند و روند تغییرات این فاکتورها را در روز ، هفته و ماه را به شما نشان دهد .


Your brain processes images 60,000x FASTER than text. SEE your forecast.

⁕ Featured by Apple "Apps we Love" ⁕ #1 Weather app in 44 countries ⁕ "My primary weather app" – John Gruber of Daring Fireball

⊘ We never track your location in the background.

VISUAL LINE - Built for quick glances. Bold colors quickly show temperature, condition, and precipitation. See 48 hours, 8 days, or 12 months. Available Worldwide.

SUPER ACCURATE - Dark Sky super accurate weather data (19 different sources!) and hyperlocal rain prediction.

HYPER LOCAL RAIN PREDICTION - State of the art rain forecasting down to the minute in the US, UK, Ireland, parts of Canada, and Puerto Rico. Powered by Dark Sky.

MONTHLY AVERAGES - Average temperatures, precipitation, rain days, snow days, and more for any location in the world. Perfect for travel planning.

SEVERE WEATHER WARNING REPORTS - NOAA severe weather alerts in app, in US & UK only (not push notifications).

DATA ▸ Worldwide ▸ Cities, zip codes, or airport codes ▸ "Feels Like" temperature ▸ High, Low, and Average temperatures ▸ Humidity ▸ Chance of Precipitation (rain, snow, or sleet) ▸ Wind speed and direction ▸ Dew Point (not avail on 5/5s/SE) ▸ UV Index (not avail on 5/5s/SE) ▸ Sunrise time ▸ Sunset time

MONTHLY ▸ Avg High and Low temp for each month (plan your vacation!) ▸ Average Total Rainfall for each month ▸ Average Daily rainfall for each month ▸ Monthly Snow days (skiing!) ▸ Monthly Dry days ▸ Monthly Fog days

BATTERY AND STORAGE OPTIMIZED ▸ Save space on your phone - super small app size (0.0016 GB) ⊘ NO background location tracking. Ever.

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