Weight Loss Pro

Weight Loss Pro

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weight loss اپلیکیشنی بسیار کارامد برای محاسبه ی توده بندی و مقدار کالری مورد نیاز روزانه شما ست که با دانستن آنها شما خواهید توانست وزن کم کنید و به اندازه غذا بخورید و فعالیت بدنی انجام دهید. این برنامه تنها با گرفتن سن ,وزن و قد شما موارد فوق را محاسبه می کند.


An all in one app, this weight loss planner lets you plan, act and analyse your weight loss goals in just one application!

All you have to do is fill in your weight, height and age details and all your work is done! The application calculates your BMI (Body mass index), BMR (daily calorie requirement) and weight loss rate.

Moreover, once you have decided the activity that you are going to take up for weight loss, the app calculates and provides you with the approx duration you should work out for. You can change your decision anytime you like and choose a new activity whenever you feel like and still lose weight in a healthy way.

All you need to do is be regular with your workouts and log them daily into the exercise logs given to you to see the desired results which then can be analysed briefly in the summary page.