WikiLinks — Smart Wikipedia Reader

WikiLinks — Smart Wikipedia Reader

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یک اپلیکیشن فوق‌العاده برای مرور لینک‌های ویکی‌پدیا. با این اپلیکیشن شما می‌توانید در ویکی‌پدیا جستجو کنید و علاوه بر مشاهده نتایج ، تمام ویدیو‌ها و عکس‌ها و موزیک و فایل‌‌ها و لینک‌های پیشنهادی را همانجا باز کنید و ببینید و یک تحقیق کامل داشته باشید; به علاوه اینکه دفعات بعد می‌توانید نتایج جستجوهای قبلی را هم بصورت آفلاین مشاهده کنید. و بسیاری قابلیت‌های دیگر که باعث می‌شوند مرور ویکی‌پدیا با این اپلیکیشن برای شما بسیار جذاب‌تر شود .


WikiLinks is the most fun and powerful way to discover everything Wikipedia has to offer, in a fantastic multilingual and multimedia experience including an exclusive mind-map of your navigation, suggested YouTube videos, a revolutionary article preview, advanced image browsing, iCloud synchronization of history and bookmarks and more!


Revolutionary Article Preview • Tap and hold on any link to see a preview of the article. No need to jump back and forth!

iCloud • Reading history, bookmarks and language settings synchronized across your devices.

Sharing • Share sessions (mind maps) with friends, students, or amongst devices!

Integration with other apps • Open Wikipedia articles in WikiLinks from Safari and other apps (requires activation of the extension).

Article Search • Fast Wikipedia article search in all the languages of your choice at once. • Unique full-text search in reading history. • Wiktionary search. • Articles near your location.

Video, Image and Sound • Unique YouTube video integration. • WikiLinks is the first and only app that plays Wikipedia videos on mobile Apple devices! • Fullscreen image gallery with captions. • Easy access to any image in the article via the image bar. • Play all Wikipedia sound, music samples, pronunciation excerpts…

Bookmarks • Keep and manage a list of bookmarks of your favorite articles.

History • Keep and manage a complete history of all read articles. • Search for text in previously read articles.

Serendipity • WikiLinks' unique algorithm brings you new and unexpected reading material. • 2D mind map to keep track of your journey and suggest new paths.

Other • Easily find any text in the current article. • Interactive table of contents. • Customize text display (font, hyphenation, justification). • Offline reading of previously read articles, including images. • Articles in the mind map can be downloaded all at once for later offline viewing. • Beautiful themes.

And much more! Visit our site to see everything you can do with WikiLinks.

WIKIPEDIA™, the Wikipedia W Logo™, the Wikipedia Puzzle Globe Logo™, WIKTIONARY™ and the Wiktionary Tile Logo™ are trademarks of the Wikimedia Foundation and are used with the permission of the Wikimedia Foundation. We are not endorsed by or affiliated with the Wikimedia Foundation. No fixed portion of WikiLinks’ proceeds will be donated to WMF.