Wildfulness - Unwind in nature and calm your mind

Wildfulness - Unwind in nature and calm your mind

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یک اپلیکیشن ویژه برای آیفون و آیپد برای لذت بردن از زیبایی و صدای طبیعت. برای بهتر حس کردن لذت احساس طبیعت میتوانید از هندزفری استفاده نمایید.


Spending time in nature helps you to reduce stress, increases your energy level and improves your mood.

Wildfulness combines hand drawn nature scenes with psychoacoustic 3D sounds to create a world filled with nature. A world you can enter any time you like!

Connect with nature by watching the animated landscapes and listening to the soothing sounds of forests and wildlife, or recharge your mind in just 6 seconds with the help of bird song.

Start relaxing now with the richly illustrated animated landscapes and immersive sounds of Wildfulness!


  • 8 unique hand drawn landscapes
  • Super high quality psychoacoustic 3D sounds for an immersive experience.
  • Very different landscapes for every occasion and mood.
  • From thunderstorms to rustling leaves, Wildfulness contains very diverse nature sounds.
  • Easy to use timer for timed sessions
  • Moments of bird song to recharge your mind in just 6 seconds
  • Universal app for iPhone and iPad.

We recommend using headphones for the best experience.