Bodyweight Training: You Are Your Own Gym

Bodyweight Training: You Are Your Own Gym

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باشگاه‌رفتن برای بدست‌آوردن اندام دلخواه گرچه خوب است، اما شاید بسیاری علاقه یا وقت کافی برای باشگاه‌رفتن نداشته باشید. اما راهی وجود دارد که بتوانید بدون قدم‌گذاشتن در باشگاه، اندام متناسب بدست آورید. کافیست تنها اپ Bodyweight Training: Your Gym را دانلود کنید.
۲۰۰: تعداد حرکت‌ ورزشی است که توسط مربی متخصص بدن‌سازی در اپ Bodyweight Training: Your Gym به شما آموزش داده خواهد شد. این ۲۰۰ حرکت آموزشی بسیار ساده، کوتاه و موثر بوده و نتایج خوبی برای شما به بار خواهد آورد. در هر مرحله‌ای تناسب اندام باشید، Bodyweight Training: Your Gym برای شما مناسب خواهد بود.
قابلیت‌های Bodyweight Training: Your Gym:
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Get into the best shape of your life without stepping foot into a gym!

Exercise at home using the same techniques used by Special Forces as taught by fitness instructor and best selling author Mark Lauren.

Join the bodyweight fitness revolution today!

Use the body you HAVE to build the body you WANT following best selling author Mark Lauren's workout plans!

App Highlights

  • No gym required
  • Over 200 effective exercises using nothing but your body and items you can find around the house!
  • Quick workouts
  • Quick results!
  • Healthkit integration allows saved workouts to be tracked in Apple's Health app!
  • Easy to follow program
  • Great for all fitness levels
  • Workout in your own home or while traveling
  • Workout in as little as 2 minutes and no more than 36 minutes a day.
  • Our 10-week fitness programs will guide you to a new physique and are perfect for any fitness level.
  • Quick workouts that you can use to fit any schedule with as little as 2 minutes a day. These require nothing but a floor and are great for exercising anywhere!
  • Let our app guide you through each workout. Voice prompts and on screen video instruct you on exactly what to do.
  • This app is for everyone: men, women, beginners, experts, busy professionals, travelers, athletes, functional fitness fans...


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WARNING: This app will remove your current fitness excuses and change your life.

App Origins

This app is based on the best selling book by Mark Lauren "You Are Your Own Gym". The bodyweight exercises in this app have been used to create society’s leanest, strongest, most confident people. He honed his program for a decade while preparing nearly a thousand soldiers for the extreme demands of the most elite levels of the U.S. Special Operations.

Interactive Workout Timers

Let Mark Lauren guide you through workouts and tell you exactly when to workout and when to rest all while giving you instructions for each exercise with detailed text and numerous images. Use these timers to follow each workout in the 10 week rapid results program or create your own custom workout routines from any exercise in the app.

Workout Types

  • Tabatas
  • Supersets
  • Stappers
  • Interval Sets
  • Ladders.

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